You Can Write that Book Within Your Busy Life!

Time is certainly a hot commodity. Balancing work, family and (unfortunately) the myriad of chores that comes with a home can often leave us too tired for more. Dreams are left up on a shelf. Plans and conversations of what we will do someday keep it from leaving the shelf and going into a box in the garage packed under the Christmas decor. Yet do they really? I was forty when I realized that if I kept talking about doing, instead of doing, I just may run out of shelf space.

So how do you do it? How do you take your dream off the shelf, dust it off and begin? Well, the simplified answer… find out the steps to success and then take them one at a time.

How do you figure out the steps? Well you research. Read more than one book or article from someone that has been or is doing what you want to do. Talk with them if you can. Take your 30 minute lunch break to watch a u-tube video. Start making a list. You’ll often find that there is at least one person that has taken a beat and written a ‘how to’ that you can follow. (I’ll share mine soon.)

Now here’s the scary part, the part many people never get past: Once you have some basic steps to take, take the first one. I know it sounds simple, but it is what stops so many people. It stopped me for years and years! Yet, you can do it. I did. Having the path laid out made taking the first one so much easier. I didn’t pressure myself with timelines, I simply started moving. So, what is your first step?

In the middle of the soccer season? Keep moving forward. In the middle of a complicated work project? Keep moving forward. Someone said you can’t ever do it? Shake it off and keep moving. Lose a bunch of money and now have to start all over? Keep moving forward. Get hurt or sick? Keep moving forward. You CAN do it – UNLESS YOU STOP.