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Author and Illustrator of Picture Books 

Marianne Hegg is available for illustrating children's picture books for other authors.  As a student and long time member of Society of Visual Storytellers, Marianne's training is solely focused on picture book design and illustrations.

Marianne has worked collaboratively and alone on highly successful

 projects and is excited to work with you!

  • Step 1
    Email with inquiry. 
  • Step 2
    Determine which plan - Flat rate (small presses or self-published authors) or advance with royalties. Contract review/signed. 
  • Step 3  Work collaboratively together to finalize YOUR book!!  Normal timeline (less any emergent, illness or Act of God) timeline for complete 32 page children's book is 3 months. 
Small presses illustration (less than 30 books per year) or self-published authors


  • 1 Loosely rendered "plan" to put in basic format.
  • Then 2 thumbnails per page for author choice (this is where ideas and changes that amend the art should be made)
  • Final line art submitted via paint file for final approval.
  • Color scheme chosen and final art rendered.  Changes at this point will create additional cost.
  • Final art work submitted to author via preferred file type for their designer.
 cover design Illustration only

  • 4 thumbnails for your choice-Changes welcome at this point. 
  •  Author chooses color scheme for final art. 
  •  Final artwork rendered and submitted via both digital file and optimized .png or .pdf file for web and press releases.