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Marianne Hegg is an author and illustrator

Her much loved book, Eli's Owie and The Butterfly Kiss, was the first of many to come. Join her as she navigates through the development of her stories, the creation of her pages, design layouts and book marketing.  Marianne's Blog is there not just to promote her stories, but also to help other working professionals make their dreams come true! 

The Algebra of Writing; 

A Student's Easy Guide to Using Mathematical Equations Instead of Outlines for Essays and College Papers

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"Eli's Owie and the

Butterfly kiss"

When Eli Elephant hurts his trunk, he looks for help but each friend is too busy doing silly things. He almost gives up. But then…

"Be Brave Little bee"

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This story will rapidly become a family favorite as it touches the hearts of small children who sometimes just need a friend. It is  a wonderful reminder that a little bit of attention can make a world of difference."

Sandra Moreano 

M.Ed University of Washington

Marianne Hegg

Hi there! Welcome to my page that shares a little about me. In addition to creating, I am a mom of three wonderful kids, I have a great husband and a full time job. One may say I am a little bit busy. Somehow, we get it done! Soccer, gymnastics, swimming, judo, monopoly, chess, and lots and lots of painting time! Phew! I am spinning just thinking about it! However, I wouldn't change a thing! This part - this creative side - gives me my 'something else' that helps me smile in the chaos. I hope you enjoy my blog and my books as you join my family and I in the fun!

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